The ideal choice for compact design and unequaled thermal performance...


Semiconductor High Purity For Cleanrooms

Exergy heat exchangers are ideally suited for semiconductor applications. Manufactured in all 316L Stainless Steel and used in a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

Major Customers

  • Applied Materials
  • ASML
  • Entegris
  • Intel
  • LAM
  • SAES Pure Gas
  • Varian

Typical Applications

  • Fine temperature control
  • Processing equipment
  • High purity for cleanrooms
  • Lithography tools
  • Gas purifiers
  • Integrated fittings

Features & Benefits

  • Tube stub fittings for orbital welding
  • Customized special fittings
  • Cleaned and bagged for Cleanroom use
  • High pressure rating
  • Compact design
  • Precise temp control

Case Study Examples

PDF SC #1006 Fine Temperature Control

PDF SC #1011 Hot Water Cooled by Water

PDF SC #1029 Cooling Nitrogen

PDF SC #1032 Heating Solvents

PDF SC# 1047 Air Sampling

PDF SC# 1059 Cooling Deionized Water

PDF SC# 1080 Processing Equipment

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